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Incredible photos

We take you to incredible locations and give you the chance to capture the shot of a lifetime

new friendships

Sharing your passion with your fellow travellers who ‘get it’. There’s nothing better than that


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We use highly knowledgeable local guides to ensure we get the best opportunities daily. 

Pro support

With Glynn by your side ready and willing to guide, answer questions and critique you’re sure to rapidly improve your skills..

Travel can leave you speechless, our photos add the words!.




Travel opens up so many incredible possibilities for great photography. With our Photo Tours all the hard work is taken care of for you. You can just relax and concentrate on the stuff that’s important – getting great photos and having an amazing time. With our locally sourced knowledge, professional tour operator organisers and guiding from your pro photographer Glynn Lavender it has never been easier to capture THE SHOT! 

Every tour is beginner friendly, we will happily teach you skills along the way to ensure you get the shots you are after. Camera gear is dependent upon the tour you go on and we can easily guide you there as well.

Spending time with like minded people who ‘get’ your passion for photography is wonderful. You’ll not only come home from tour with amazing images but new friends as well.


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Tanzania Calving Season Tour

On this luxury safari photo tour, you will be in a very select group of four guests that will be paired with Glynn Lavender and your local guide/driver who will treat you to all the inside knowledge that they have of the culture and wildlife of Tanzania. Along the way, you’ll take countless photos and hours of video that will become life-long memories of this epic journey.

During our 11-day trip VIP tour,you will be working elbow-to-elbow with our photographers in the field. Together you will capture African wildlife in all its glory and experience the incredible wildebeest migration and so much more.

Animal highlights include…

  • Be part of the daily spectacle that is the Circle of Life
  • Photograph the BIG FIVE in their natural habitat – Lions, Elephants, Cape Buffalo, Rhino, and Leopards!
  • Countless beautiful birds of all colors and sizes
  • Antelope, Hyenas, Jackals, Warthogs, Giraffe, Cheetahs, Mongoose, Gazelles, Hippos, Crocodiles, Impala, Baboons, and many more!

Hold on to your safari hats… You’re in for a ride you’ll never forget, for all the best reasons.

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Holi Festival India Photo Tour

India, that land of mystery, colour and life.

It is everything you imagine it is.

One of the joys of loving photography is that we see the world in a way other travellers never do. India allows our creativity to blossom with incredible images everywhere you look. Wonderful friendly people invite even the shyest of people photographers to capture images of them with welcoming laughs and instant friendship.


Our March 2020 India photo tour will visit the amazing cities of Agra, Delhi, Varanasi, Jodhpur and Jaipur. We will walk the streets and lanes of these colourful places photographing the people, the colour and the incredible architecture.

Some of the highlights of these cities are the Ghats of Varanasi on the mighty Ganges, The Blue City of Jodhpur, The Taj Mahal, Red Fort and Baby Taj in Agra and the fantastic Humayuns Tomb and Jama Masjid Mosque in Delhi.

These are just a few of the incredible experiences you will have.

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