Natural Light Portraits

Great images are everywhere

We don’t need fancy locations, supermodels or expensive gear to capture great portraits.

We just need to understand how to get the most out of the situations we are in.

– Glynn Lavender


beginner Friendly

easy to understand

About the Workshop

Simple, easy to learn visual skills to change how you see the world.

Great portraits are everywhere; you just have to learn to see the world of light, contrast and colour that is all around us.

A great portrait does not need a French Castle and a supermodel to make it great, it needs fabulous light, an understanding of how to shape and sculpt with it and, most importantly, an understanding of how to get your camera to produce the images you have in your minds eye.

Whether you want to capture great photos of your children just for yourself, or to improve your portrait photography business our Natural Light Portrait Workshop will literally change the way you look at the world around you.

You will learn how to catch dramatic, beautiful portraits anywhere, anytime with simple, easy to understand lessons.

The day is very hands on, you will take some of the best portraits you have ever taken, and, better yet, you’ll learn skills that you will be able to add to your own photography and take your images to another level.



 Topics covered include:

Natural Light Portraits


  • Overcoming common portrait problems
  • Compositional guides for portraits
  • The three guiding principles that always work
  • Getting great images straight out of camera
  • Understanding how depth of field tells our story
  • The way lenses REALLY work for portrait shooting
  • How the word photography changes the way we see the world
  • How to tame your camera for great results every time
  • Positioning – your relationship between the subject and the light
  • The art of sculpting with shadows
  • The importance of great portraits

Our goal is to be able to shoot great portraits ANYWHERE not just in awesome locations – this Workshop will set you on a journey of limitless possibilities.

If you want to shoot people, be it travel photography, candid street shooting or more controlled shots, and want to capture fantastic shots every time you pull out your camera then this is the Workshop for you.

This Workshop will literally change the way you see the world.

 The day is broken up into two sections. A morning seminar to gain a greater understanding of what makes photographs dynamic followed by a hands on afternoon shooting session where there will be lots of opportunity to learn how to capture more dynamic images.

Upcoming Workshops

Aug 10th

August Natural Light Workshop

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Don’t HEsitate

You will have an amazing experience, learn heaps (I have learned more in one morning than I have done in years) and have a lot of fun and laughs along the way.

A remarkable teacher

Who builds knowledge and confidence in an engaging, practical and relaxed manner, at the end of the day you have new skills, new friends and great photos

Your lessons made all the difference

It jump started my career and I’m appreciative of you sharing your knowledge with such a fun, practical teaching style.

The workshop was so good i went back for more

I learn’t more in 4 hours than I had in many years. I returned with my daughter who was blown away by Glynn’s professionalism.

Learning to see and understand light will change way you look at the world

and it will open up so many opportunities for your photography.

- Glynn Lavender

Glynn proudly uses

  • Tamron Lenses
  • MagMod Flash Modifiers
  • Cineroid LED Panels
  • Think Tank Photo Bags
  • Black Rapid Straps
  • Mind Shift Gear Bags
  • 3Legged Thing Tripods
  • Godox Flashes
  • Gnarbox Travel Computers

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