Creative Photo Workshops is delighted to be offering the inaugural New York City – Light and Vision Weekend.

As the name implies it is a  weekend of seeking light, creating light and working on creative, artistic vision throughout the parks and streets of New York City.

Our first day, Saturday, will be spent travelling through Central Park working with the many varied locations and image challenges in this iconic location.

This day will feature a male and female model and we will be using them as both a couple and for individual posing.

Whilst I have a range of locations planned for the day the itinerary will more than likely change as we follow the light and time at each location varies.

There will be a fair amount of walking during the day so comfortable shoes will be a must!

Sunday will see us hitting several locations in Manhattan looking to capture the ‘feel’ of New York.

We will be working with a single, female model on this day and looking to capture more fashion related images using the city as our backdrop.

As with the previous day we will have some locations planned but will also follow the light on the day to maximise our shooting opportunities.

Once again this day will require a fair amount of walking but we will more than likely grab the occasional taxi to get us to some locations faster.

Because a lot of the images we will be creating will be location based we will be using a fair amount of off camera flash to allow us complete control of the environment and create the type of light we want for the scene.



The focus of the weekend will be on areas such as:

  • Location scouting
  • Location analysis
  • Lighting decision making
  • Using available light
  • Creating our own light
  • Posing for couples
  • Posing for single subjects
  • Maximising a shoot
  • Story telling
  • Problem solving
  • Balancing image elements
  • Working with image contrasts
  • and many more


The full weekend price is $789.00USD

This includes three models over the course of the weekend, any required taxis on the Sunday and of course your tutor, Glynn.

Not included:

Lunch (we will probably grab something quick on the fly both days) and beverages.


$200.00USD Deposit required upon booking


$589.00USD required no later than January 31st 2016