Last week in Melbourne I ran my Art Nude Workshop.

This is one of my favourite workshops to run for many reasons.

Firstly it is a continuous lighting event, meaning that not only can people shoot in groups rather than one at a time,  the very fact that you can see the light/shadow play and its effect on shape and form means that it is easy for people to see how subtle changes in position can dramatically change the way an image is going to look.

Straight out of camera the images are powerful

Straight out of camera the images are powerful

This can be harder to teach/learn in studio or flash lighting events because the light is not on the subject until the shot is taken.

During the shoot we set our cameras on high contrast B&W to really enhance the fall off of light into shadows.


Shooting  high contrast B&W in camera is something many people are not used to doing so the image they see on the back of their camera often has a lot more impact than a straight colour image would have.

The other benefit to shooting with this B&W setting is that our attention very quickly changes from the subject we are shooting to just the light/shadow balance and, creatively, this is where we want to be. It allows us to see and work with nuances of light and how we use that light to sculpt our subject.


The rest is pretty simple.

We have three main elements we can control when shooting.

1: The size, type, height and direction of the light.

2: Our models position and pose in relation to that light

3: Our position relative to the first two.

Changing any one of these elements completely changes the mood and feel of our shots.

Adding more lights, changing the size and feel of the lights keeps giving us new options, new shapes and new feel.


It’s a heap of fun.

The next Art Nude Workshop is on August the 1st. There are only five places left.