All good things come to an end.

Five and a half days of pounding the streets of Delhi looking for shots is incredibly indulgent.

I think it’s important we all make time to take time to shoot. It helps us grow as photographers. It refines our vision and it challenges our technical abilities.

Today was the hardest day of the trip for images. I find this always to be the case as I tend to push myself pretty hard on trips like these and there’s always an element of fatigue to deal with. But the mind also wanders to thoughts like ‘oooh where’s my passport?’, ‘what souvenirs do i need’, ‘where did I put that kettle?’ ….. ok well maybe not the last one but you get the idea. Our minds start to wander off the process of photography.

Today is the first day I felt like a tourist rather than a photographer.

Still, when this type of mindset starts to kick in we need to kick it right back and try and capture some images of worth.

My first stop today was at a step well that I had heard about. I was told not many people knew of the place and very few people visited. Sounds like my kind of place!

The ‘not many people know of it’ turned out to be true as my tuk-tuk driver had to ask 5 people in the street next to it before one knew what he was talking about.

My first impression (and I rarely do impressions) however was ‘wow!’. With a 60m descent to its base it was pretty impressive. As usual with all things Indian it had impeccable balance to its construction and that always leads to interesting photos.

Baoli web

At the bottom, the view up was just as glorious.

Looking up into the Step Well

Looking up into the Step Well

Next it was back to the old part of Delhi to wander the streets for the rest of the day and try and capture some of the feel of the place, as well, of course, as capturing some of it’s characters.

I don’t believe you can ever tell the story of the place you are visiting. The best you can try and do is tell YOUR story of the place. So today I tried to fill the gaps in my weeks shoot with some of the smaller details but I’ll save them for another day.

Instead here are my favourite faces of the day.

Street Face web

Serene Beauty

Street Face 2 web


Another Smoko web


Street Portrait web

Always friendly faces

And here are a few street scenes to finish off. I think I’ve got one more evening stroll around the neighbourhood in me.


Sari Colour



Walk through web

Walk on by

Approach Scale Web

Showing the scale

Well that’s it for now.

I am running an evening seminar on Travel Photography in Melbourne in February. I will be discussing many many things that haven’t been taught at CPW events and I hope it will be of value to all photographers, not just those interested in travel.

I hope to see you there.