My motto for this trip is ‘Don’t think, feel and Don’t Look, See!’

With that in mind I was to be found, half an hour before sunrise standing on the street corner trying to feel and see…

The first thing I saw that caught my eye was a flash of colour, a bright orange in a world of muted, early morning tones.

I turned out to be a man sitting artfully and ‘felt’ that I should go take a photo…. so I did.


A good start to the day, this ‘think and see’ stuff seems to be working.

I grabbed a tuk-tuk and tuk-tukked into the older part of Delhi to see the city waking up. I seemed a different place after the craziness of the Dewali Festival.

I managed a few street scenes out of the door of the vehicle as we whizzed past.

All the fun of the crazy streets.

All the fun of the crazy streets.

Street Scene 2-2


Street Scene-4

The light from the low morning sun summoned me to head to one of the many tombs in Delhi. I decided to head to Humayuns Tomb. This was the forerunner for the Taj Mahal and shared many of its architectural elements.

Humayun web

Upon arrival I suffered though a bit of a nasty cultural shock.

Toursits. Everywhere. Busloads of them.

After a day of following the road less traveled and hanging out with the locals it was kind of jarring to hear Aussie, German, French and American voices calling to each other.

It certainly made the trip seem less adventurous.

I spent ten minutes stalking a sweeper looking for a shot that felt right to me. I think I managed to get two.

This shot helps show the vastness of the Tomb

This shot helps show the vastness of the Tomb

And this evokes a more personal approach to his life.

And this evokes a more personal approach to his life.

Afterwards I headed to a local Sikh Temple, sat in quietude for the first time in a couple of days and learnt a little about their religion. In a country full of friendly people these guys are by far the most accomodating I have met so far.

Sikh Temple web

After a brief visit (read snooze) back to the hotel I headed out to Jantar Mantar, a remarkable astronomical park filled with enormous instruments from the 1700’s.

Creative Lines

Creative Lines

I heard a phrase the other day that we, as photographers, are always ‘chasing serendipity’ waiting for those tiny moments that just ‘work’ to come along. This happens surprisingly often when we are out shooting. It happened several times today, sometimes it just happens, sometimes you just wait at the right spot expecting something to happen and ready to shoot it when it does.

This shot of a red wall at Jantar Mantar is a simple composition of red and green. I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if someone in red would walk past and voila!

Chasing serendipity indeed.

Chasing SErendipity

Chasing Serendipity

Until tomorrow!