Today I headed out to Qutub complex in Mehrauli.

It is a series of ruins, tombs, mosques and minarets. It is certainly up there with one of the worlds best historical sights.

BUT… (isn’t there always a but!)

Like any location, you are at the mercy of the weather as to weather you will be able to capture any images other than basic snapshots. Well today the weather gods were against me as a cloudy evening sky had resulted in massive pollution. As a result the place was great to look at but any images were not destined for postcards!

I’ll save the location shots for when I have more time but here’s one that followed yesterday’s theory of ‘chasing serendipity’

Qutub Arch Walk web

I have always been more in love with shooting people rather than places so I decided to set up a ’60 Second Portrait Studio’ under the dome of a great piece of architecture and waited for opportunities to arise.

I have a couple of tricks I like to use in these situations.

1:) Be the only 6ft Plus white man on the location and you become a tourist sight yourself.

2:) Smile first at the locals, especially their kids!

3:) Encourage THEM to take photos of you with their phones while holding their friends, children or wives!

4:) Demand Quid Pro Quo and shoot them in return.

This evil plan worked a treat as I spent a very happy couple of hours having my photo taken, talking about cricket with the locals and managing to capture some wonderful portraits in the mix. I am sure this period will remain a highlight of the trip.

Boy Portrait webOrange Beard webPink Portrait webQurub Portrait 2 webQutub Portrait 6Qutub Portrait 3 web

I could have stayed all day, and between you and me I was tempted, but I have a lot to see and just a few days to get it seen in. Next stop was a place called Haus Khaus – an arty village surrounding some great ruins. It was the ruins that drew me.

Again a tough place to capture due to the weather conditions but I did capture a couple of images I really like.

Descend web

I love this image for it’s movement and beautiful smile.

As soon as I captured this image this thought went through my head –

You know you’re a photographer when: A girl comes rushing down a narrow steep staircase at you and instead of trying to get out of the way you raise your camera and shoot instead!

The second capture that brought a smile to my face was another fleeting moment only just captured.


This group of kids were playing with a pink helium balloon on a string and had just wound it almost all the way in and were about to grab it. The moment lasted but a moment but I was delighted to have reacted fast enough to have captured it.

Finally, the image of the trip for me I have saved for last. Another beautiful portrait from Qutub.

Qutub Portrait

Unitil tomorrow!


Here’s a few more pics from yesterday. There’s more but it’s hard to find the time to process them all.

Qutub Lady webQutub Girl webQutub BoySisters webReflecting web

Qutub The BoysQutub The Happy Group web