First some important family business.

My wife told me that my mother in law has been reading this blog and asked ‘where are the buildings?’ well here’s one…

For Annette

For Annette

OK, Important family business dealt with we can resume normal programming – more people!!

OK I admit it, I love shooting people and given the choice of person over building most of the time I’ll probably take the people. That said, each and every day I have planned to shoot places. I’ve been TO the places with the intent of shooting them. It’s just that in the flat light coming through the pollution doesn’t really make for pleasing photos. But I’ll keep trying!

The other thing of course is that it is hard to see PAST the incredible faces. I’m sure I saw Ghandi’s Older Brother walk past me today!

This morning I set out to visit the area around the spice market. Usually when I travel I like to roam the back alleys of streets looking for the real life of a city. Where people do their living. In India though everyone lives their lives so publicly that there is very little difference between the back alleys and the main streets. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t avoided the back lanes. I’ve spent dizzying hours wandering down tiny alleys and feeling the pulse of the city but that is more for my own pleasure rather than to see the people living their lives.

Shave and a Haircut 2 Rupees-2

A shave and a haircut, two rupees!

14mm Portrait-2

Close Shave, Close Photographer – 14mm Portrait


If you don’t hurry through, take time to let the locals stare and feel comfortable you will find shoot opportunities abound.

I was called over to shoot so many times today. Shown characters that were to be my models. We all laughed, we poked fun, and they all reminded me that India just beat Australia in the cricket.

Here are a few of the faces from today.

Smoko web

It’s amazing what people will do for you if you ask.

Intense-2Squat 18mm portrait webStreet Chef web

After hours of wandering I decided to head to the largest Mosque in Delhi, the Jama Masjid.

I have to admit it was a little overwhelming. Not the place but the people, I think I stood for an hour as a procession of people lined up to stand next to me or had their children pose with me for photos. It was funny, incredibly heart warming and very unexpected.

Jama Masjid Kids web

The kids! (A P.S to my Mother In Law – that’s a building in the back)

I also got to shoot lots of the kids, they were great posers with beautiful smiles!

Whilst the buildings were a bit of a struggle to shoot (partly because I couldn’t take a minute to shoot without being shot) I did find that shooting the people coming to the Mosque was wonderful.

Mosque Reflect web


Mosque Sitting web

Waiting for prayer time