It’s always a blast heading to rural areas to run Workshops.

This weekend I was in the sunny central Queensland town of Biloela.

The warm sunny weather was certainly an improvement over the rain and cold I eft behind in Melbourne.

I have always been at my happiest when I am away from the city so any opportunity to ‘head bush’ I seize upon.

I was in Biloela to run two Workshops. My Natural Light Portraits and Creative Flash Part One.

11 people over two days were subjected to my bad jokes and wise cracking ways – and we had a blast! (and a fair few groans)

Sharon, the organiser of the events gave us access to her dance studio to run the Workshops. What great places they are to shoot in. Great light, mirrors, wooden floors – places just made for us photographers.

As is always the way with Workshops the time simply flew by.

We only managed to scratch the surface of what can be done with both natural light and flash.

A workshop can only ever be a place to introduce ideas, open up the thought channels and teach people the principles of how things work so that they can take those new found skills and use them in conjunction with their own ideas and creativity.

One major lesson from the Natural Light Workshop was that even though we had a great location, an old abandoned Butter Factory, the light inside just wasn’t suitable for dynamic, interesting shots at the time of day we were there. ┬áSo we went looking for light and the shots started working – a valuable lesson.

The flash workshop, as always, was another eye opener, having good flash skills really empowers the photographer to let their creative juices flow.

Natural Light shooting always involves compromises, flash helps remove compromises and open up a much greater option of shooting locations. Not to mention it’s just plain FUN!

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!

Driving back to Rockhampton the sun put on one last show for me and it was goodbye to sunshine for a while. The pilot on the plane gave Melbourne’s arrival weather of 6 degrees and raining.

Welcome home!